No, Tennessee is not having open tryouts for its offensive line

Photo Credit: UTK New Vols on Twitter

It’s no secret that Tennessee’s offensive line has not performed great so far this season. The line has allowed 8 sacks and the Vols currently have the 10th best rushing offense in the SEC. In fact, o-line might be the position on UT’s entire roster where it needs the most help.

But the situation isn’t so bad that Jeremy Pruitt is holding open tryouts to find new centers and tackles. Although on Monday morning, some Vol fans and students thought it might have reached that point because of a somewhat misleading message painted on The Rock on UT’s campus.

Students passed The Rock and found this call to action painted on its surface…

Unfortunately for any aspiring left guards, the ‘OL’ that is referenced on The Rock actually stands for ‘Orientation Leaders.’ If you click the link provided in the above tweet, you’ll find that Tennessee is not looking for the next Trey Smith but is, in fact, searching for individuals who will “help guide new students, families, and guests during one and two-day orientation sessions throughout the year in preparation for success at UT.”

Apologies to anyone who was looking to join the Vols’ offensive front. You may not be able to take the field in Neyland clad in an orange and white uniform, but you might be able to guide prospective students around campus and I’m certain that stuff like that looks great on a resume.