Twas The Night Before Gameday: 2018 Edition

Twas the night before game day, and all through the south

Football fans were stirring, and, of course, running their mouths.

The flags were hung on car windows with care,

Vol fans are finally ready for some football, last season was kind of a bear.

The kids were snug in their little orange beds,

While visions of fullbacks danced in their heads.

I in my jersey, the wife in her orange cap,

We’re just munching on some cornbread, it’s our coach’s favorite snack.

When out in the street, I heard such a clatter,

It was the Pride of the Southland band, playing around the ladder.

Soon the tailgates will end and we’ll head to the stands,

We’ve got to get to our seats before they strike up the band.

In just 24 hours, they’ll spiral it up,

And out will run Smokey, such a good little pup.

The team will be on the field, stretching and throwing the pig hide,

There’s more buzz in the air than Santa could ever provide.

Concessions will be busy, like an old general store,

They urge you to pay these prices, and PLEASE. PAY. NO. MORE.

It’s now about kickoff, its the Mountaineers’ biggest fear,

They’re about to look eye to eye with the Tennessee Volunteers.

We’ve made it to Charlotte, our butts firmly in our seats,

Isn’t it football season? What’s up with this heat?

Mountaineer fans try to sing “Country Roads”, but are quickly hushed,

There’s enough orange in this place to make John Denver blush.

Then finally the tension is broken by the roar of the crowd,

The Vols have entered the building, its time to get loud!

Now, Coach Pruitt gathers the squad for his first ever pre-game speech,

Game Maxims, a prayer, a lip full of Skoal,

The fans aren’t asking for much, just get us to the Belk Bowl!

“On, Jarrett! On, Taylor! On, Warrior! And on, Shy!

On, On! On, Kongbo and Trey! Y’all remember Florida 2015? It’s time to make Will Grier pay!

The feeling of game day, can never be topped,

There’s just nothing better than hearing the Pride blast Rocky Top.

Go ahead Big Orange fans, rest easy tonight,

We’re in the hands of Phillip Fulmer and Jermey Pruitt, we’re gonna be fine. Aight?

We’re one night away, it’s glorious, you see

It’s finally here, my friends, IT’S FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE!